Body odour can be downright embarrassing. You not only keep your date away from but often, your friends sideline you in all those social gatherings. All the neglecting and ignoring from your peers can lead to very low self-esteem. But if you have tried everything to suppress the smell and it did not work, it is maybe now time to get to the root of the problem. Sure all the heat and bacteria can cause body odour, but there along with that, there are many other sneaky factors as well. Here's a list of all of them.

You have Bowel Issues

Excessive consumption of fibre can cause flatulence. On the other hand, the lack of fibre may cause constipation. This not only results in foul-smelling farts but can lead to body odour. Severe constipation can get the toxins from your digestive system to the surface of your skin due, leading to faecal body odour. Smelly Feet Problem: What You Can Do To Make Your Tootsie Stop Stinking For Good!

You Consume Fried Foods

Eating deep-fried foods can lead to digestion troubles, which in turn can make you smell bad more than ever! Baked and fried foods quickly become rancid, so you need to watch out your diet definitely! Side Effects of Deodorant: Here’s Why You Should Stop Using the Fragrances Now!

You are Stressed

If your job is always keeping you on edge, you will become anxious. The stress hormone cortisol will make you sweat, and all that added bacteria on your skin can release lousy odour from your body.

You are Deficient in Minerals

You need minerals like magnesium to carry out many vital functions in your body. Magnesium can help beat that irritating body odour, but when you are deficient of it, you can smell terrible. Sniffing Out Malaria? Altered Body Odour Can be an Indication, Says Study.

You have Urinary Tract Infections

Of the many symptoms of a urinary tract infection is the emanation of fishy smell from your urine or your nether regions. As urinating can be difficult with UTI, your skin may smell making you stink!

Be sure to address these issues to ensure that body odour is not a perennial problem with you.

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