Breastfeeding can be very overwhelming for first-time mums. It can cause a lot of unseen and unnoticed discomforts in women. From From extreme thirst to an overwhelmong sense of love, new mothers can experience a lot of things. When you are breastfeeding, you spend a lot of time osciliatting between one extreme feeling to the next. But apart from this, nursing can make you feel super exhausted. You would know it if you breastfed in the past. Read on to know more?

Can Breastfeeding Make You Tired?

While it is easy to blame tiredness on sleep-deprivation and getting up at odd hours to feed the baby, breastfeeding itself can make a mother tired. The hormone oxytocin is released during breastfeeding, the same hormone which is released when you are in love. Besides oxytocin helping you feel an overwhelming sense of love for your new baby, it also reduces stress and give a feeling of calm. This calmness can be misinterpreted as tiredness or sleeiness. Benefits of Breast Milk: Breastfeeding Can Reduce High Blood Pressure in Nursing Mothers, Says Study.

Is There Any Other Reason New Mums Feel Tired After Delivery?

Other than oxytocin, another hormone called prolactin is released after delivery. The over-production of prolactin can make you feel extremely drowsty. So, if you are a new mom who has just given birth, the hormone prolactin can make you extremely sleepy. How Breastfeeding Changes Your Breasts? From Sore Nipples to Dark Areolae, Here's How Feeding Your Child Can Affect Your Bosoms.

Did you know prolactin also plays a part in the production of milk? This further explians why new moms feel so tired when they are nursing their child. Breastfeeding Benefits: Why Breast Milk Is The Best Food Mothers Can Give Their Babies.

So if you have just delivered, do not fret if your energy levels are lower than before You are sure running a few hours less of sleep but beastfeeding alone can dip your energy levels as well. Be sure to care for your diet and eat a lot of nutritious foods to boost your energy levels.

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