Whether you are planning to start a family or already have a baby in two, breastfeeding can feel like a scary mystery. The truth is that every woman has different breastfeeding experience. Just because breastfeeding was a painful experience for your friend does not mean that it will be painful for you too. Besides, breastfeeding can be vastly different if you are expecting your second baby. But if you are particularly worried about how breastfeeding will affect your breasts, here's what you should know.

Larger Breasts

While you must have heard that breastfeeding changes the physical appearance of your breasts, most of these changes happen during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your breasts prepare to breastfeed and gets larger. Breastfeeding Benefits: Why Breast Milk Is The Best Food Mothers Can Give Their Babies.

Large and Dark Nipples

Your nipples and areolae get more extensive and darker, and the veins in your breasts become more noticeable. Do not get alarmed if you feel that your breasts changes by the hour. It happens because your body is producing milk; your breasts are responding accordingly. Breastfeeding Tips: Will Placing Cabbage Leaves on Your Breasts Help You Wean by Stopping Milk Production?

Cracked Nipples

However, your nipples might get sore or cracked when you are first getting the hang of breastfeeding. You can use over-the-counter lotions and creams to soothe the area. Plus, your skin will likely become smooth once your baby gets the hang of breastfeeding.

Leaking of Breasts

You might also notice that your breasts are leaking milk in the early weeks after childbirth. It happens because your body is still figuring out how much milk it needs to produce for the baby. Lactation Tea to Boost Breast Milk Supply: How Safe Are Herbal Teas For Breastfeeding?

While you may experience one or all these changes during breastfeeding, many of these symptoms disappear when you stop breastfeeding. To minimise the lasting effects, be sure to wear a well-fitted nursing bra. Also, consider lightly massaging your breasts during pregnancy and while you are breastfeeding to improve blood flow and give your breasts the ability to return to their original state after breastfeeding.

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