Coronavirus lockdown across the world has forced to stay in quarantine. The only safest way to stay safe is to stay indoors. A lot of people are now working from home and it has most definitely increased the work pressure on them. And while some of us may feel lost over what day of the week it is, those who are continuously working eagerly await the weekend. And there's a long weekend coming up with tomorrow being the holiday for Good Friday. Unfortunately, being in quarantine, you cannot make any plans of going out and spending time away from home. But there are some ways you can still ensure, you have the most of a long weekend, we tell you how. Quarantine Games: From Tic Tac Toe With Pets to Pillow Fights, Netizens Suggest Creative Ways to Spend Time at Home Amid Coronavirus (Watch Funny Videos).

Good Friday will be marked tomorrow, ie April 10. The festive day of Easter will be celebrated on April 12. So it is going to be a celebratory weekend for the Christians, although many would be celebrating away from close friends and family. Irrespective of a festival or not, a long weekend is a luxury because it means you won't have to worry about work, emails/messages from your boss or think about the pending tasks (not that you can actually do it, but let's hope). If you are wondering how to spend your long weekend at home, we give you some ways you can keep yourself busy and enjoy it too. Old 90s' Kids Games to Play at Home with Family: From Ashta Chamma Game, Ludo to Bingo, Here's List of Best Indoor Games Topping Google Trends Amid Lockdown Time.

Decorate a Wall

Home decor (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

You can really get out the creativity within you by choosing to decorate one wall of your home. You can paint, try out some craft tricks and make up decorative items which will enhance the wall. Try and see what you can do with the limited material availability. There are a lot of DIY videos which will help you to make beautiful decor items.

Indoor Camping

Indoor camping (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

You need not always head out of town to get a camping experience. If there are kids at home, you can make a tent using a few pillows and a bedsheet. Make it a little interesting by adding fairy lights and enjoy an indoor camping night.

Clean Up Your Room

Cleaning home (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

By cleaning up, we do not mean just the regular dusting and cleaning that you have been doing. Is your closet all well arranged? When was the last time you gathered the things/clothes you do not need? It seems like quiet a task on other off days, so utilise the long weekend by cleaning out your entire room. Dust fans, clean out the windows, arrange your clothes, make up your desk.

Register For an Online Course

Online courses (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

There are a lot of short-term tutorial courses that can be finished over a weekend. You can research a bit on the field of your interest and register for online course. Alternatively, if something academic doesn't interest you, try for hobby ideas like photography, knife painting, flow art and the likes.

Just Relax

Relaxing (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

You need not come into the pressure of utilising your weekend and doing something out of it. If you have worked hard enough in the previous week, just spend all your time relaxing. Catch up on your favourite serials, read books or cook up your favourite meal. Do anything that makes you happy, instead of having a task at hand.

Quarantine may feel like a big, long holiday for some and a weekend may not even make much difference. But know that, we may not get such a chance again, once things start getting back to normal. So utilise your long weekends in quarantine well.

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