It takes courage, perseverance and a true vision to take the road less travelled and do something that society may not understand. For Jade Howard, an entrepreneur, mentor and businesswoman, choosing entrepreneurship over a 9-5 employment wasn't just the unconventional way, it was the only way - she had a vision of financial independence created on her own terms, and she was willing to pave her own road to get there. Now that Jade has found her freedom, she helps others do the same, creating self-sufficient traders and leaders in the business world, with the financial foundation to stop corporate climbing and start thriving in entrepreneurship.

Jade was born in Philadelphia and spent her childhood in the South Jersey Area. Jade attended Rutgers University and also worked as a security guard at the school. It was the period after  leaving her job and graduating from University that solidified her resolve to become an entrepreneur. 

When discussing her passion-driven search for an opportunity that would give her the financial freedom she coveted, Jade says:

“I knew I never wanted to be in a position where someone can dictate my pay and ultimately my livelihood. I always had the entrepreneurial spirit, but I felt like I didn't have anything that I was passionate about. Leaving my 9-5 is what really got the gears going. It was a very hard period, especially when everyone around you is telling you to get another job. But I was ready to go hungry. I was ready to go broke. I was ready to be homeless. I didn't care what it took. I just knew working for someone else wasn't for me.”

With her back against the wall and pressure from family and friends to resume a life of traditional employment, Jade courageously continued her search and eventually landed on trading in the financial markets. Jade says that the ‘recession-proof’ nature of trading is what appealed to her, amidst the global pandemic and growing job insecurity. While mastering the skill set, Jade was introduced to network marketing and has now created a business that allows her to combine her talents in trading and leadership to create financial independence not only for herself but for her team. 

To date, Jade's business called “Trade Trade Gang” consists of over 250 individuals spreading from the United States to the UK and Canada. Although her team is dispersed throughout the globe, they share a common goal of mastering their craft, becoming leaders among their peers and sharing new knowledge regarding financial literacy with the masses.

When discussing her personal objectives behind creating her business, Jade says:

“For me, it really was about the impact - being able to just put other people in a position to win and to be successful in a bigger way, a better way than working to build someone else's dreams. People on my team have quit their jobs, bought new cars, been able to help their parents retire, and have been able to use this business to help fund their passions that they truly care about.”

In a people-oriented organization where mentoring and coaching a large group of individuals from all different walks of life is critical to the success of the business, leadership is essential to continued growth. Jade has dedicated herself to putting her time into ensuring her team has the tools they need to succeed as independent traders and business owners. 

“With the pandemic it has been difficult to have in-person events to really strengthen the culture and solidarity amongst my team. But I have been very focused on making sure everyone is succeeding and truly understanding the skills of trading and leadership so they can be self-sufficient in their own endeavours outside of this organization and really see a change in their lives,” says Jade. 

Growing a business of this calibre is no small feat and Jade says she has experienced imposter syndrome among other difficulties with retention during the early stages of her entrepreneurial journey. However, a period of internal observation and personal development allowed her to create a huge wave of momentum and growth for Trade Trade Gang, and Jade is more than qualified to coach others on excellence in leadership, entrepreneurship and becoming their own bosses. 

“I remember I had gotten to a point where my business was just dwindling down because I didn’t believe it could really grow to where I wanted it to. At the time I was blaming everyone but myself. In hindsight I realized I wasn't being the leader that I should have been. It came down to me putting my pride and ego aside, reflecting, and having the willingness to do the internal work and take advice from my mentors. I couldn’t rely on just myself - when we try to do everything ourselves, it just puts too much pressure on us and a lot of times we end up failing. I started to really set my goals and truly believe in my vision, and within three months my business reached numbers it had never reached before,” says Jade. 

Ultimately, Jade’s goal is to create a future for herself and her fiance and generational wealth for her family down the line, to truly enjoy what life is all about when financial constraints are not a factor. Jade is helping her team reach the same heights of success, instilling in them her own personal values of having and believing in your vision for your future. 

“Whenever someone decides to join the business, I make sure to have a sit down talk with them and figure out what their ‘why’ is. What is it that has them wanting to learn the skill set to tap into this business? Once there’s that understanding of the real motivation behind what you’re doing, it creates that stronger work ethic to really help you accomplish those goals. It's definitely rewarding seeing people achieve what they set out to do. It's definitely one of the reasons that keeps me going,” says Jade. 

With her business growing every single day, Jade makes a bigger and bigger impact as new leaders emerge from under her mentorship with the financial means to live the life they’ve always wanted.