Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani is a social worker who helps empower children, more specifically orphans to the best of his ability. Born and brought up in Berlin, Germany, Palan moved back to his native place Erbil in Kurdistan. There; Palan runs the Harman Orphanage and is very dedicated to helping the children. According to Palan, the saddest thing is for a child to lose his parents. The social worker philanthropist has been running the orphanage for years now and has built it as a home for all the orphans.

Talking more about the Harman Orphanage, Palan shared, "Love from the parents is priceless and it has no boundaries. Many innocent children lose their parents in the initial days of childhood.”

He further added, “From my side, I am putting in the best efforts for all those children who have been homeless. The aim of my orphanage is to give life to the children which they actually deserve."

Moreover, he believes that this is something that can mentally affect a child and shared, "During such situations, mental health issues are common and we at Harman Orphanage make sure to let them live with a homely feeling", he added. Not just this, Palan even revealed that many of the children at his orphanage have been affected by ISIS whose parents were killed right in front of their eyes.”

Apart from taking care of the children at the orphanage, Palan also makes sure to educate the children as best as he can and provide a good lifestyle. He understands the importance of education and how it develops a person in the long run. With the work that Palan Dilshad Mustafa Barzani is doing, he is truly a messiah for all the underprivileged children who lost their parents at a very small age.