Virgin Brows, Glittery Lids and Winged Eyeliner: 7 Beauty Trends to Rule in 2019
Beauty Trends to Look Out for in 2019 (Photo Credits: Instagram)

New Delhi, January 23: Glittery lids, virgin brows,  and bronzer are in this year, say, experts. 2019 will also see a return of winged eyeliner. Bharti Taneja, director and founder Alps Beauty Group, has shared some of the beauty trends that you can follow. Make-up expert Aashmeen Munjaal of Star Salon and Academy also has a few suggestions. Beauty Trends 2019 Predictions: From Monochromatic Eyes to Metallic Lips, Experts Reveal Makeup Looks To Wear This Year.

1. Glitter means instant glam-up. However, you don't need to swim in it. A little is perfect. Take a very tiny amount of gold or silver and lightly dust it on the inner corner of your eyes. A hint of glitter peeping from the inner corner of your eyelids is perfect to lend that unmistakable spark to your look. In case you want to get into the diva mood, cover your lids with chunky gold glitter.

2. Instead of applying an overall eyeshadow, go for fading traces of colour on both upper and lower lids. Use different but complementing colours for upper and lower lids. Finish off with a liner and mascara and you are done.

3. It's time to ‘unfollow' the perfectly shaped eyebrows and follow real and raw brows. While tweezers are kept aside, the eyebrows are groomed with the help of eyebrow brush. If the idea of bushy brows is too daunting for you, then you can shape your brows in a natural arch, instead of a total clean up. Beauty and Cosmetic Treatments in 2019: Experts Lay Down on the Latest Trends That Will Rule in the New Year.

4. While bronzer makes its way back, heavy contouring is shown the exit door. Skip framing the face to perfection. Instead, take a large fluffy brush, and put the bronzer along the temple, cheekbones and jawline. And you are done. Keep the skin clean and luminous with a high-definition foundation.

5. Last year was the year of the hot red shade. This year will be all about subtle and dark tones of brown matte and gloss. Be it eyes, lips or cheeks highlighting, brown would be seen everywhere. Even the hair colour in brown would be more viral.

6. This year again, the winged eyeliner will be in trend.

7. Smokey eyes are gorgeous as ever, but can be too bold for some. As bridal make-up moves into its understated glam phase, it is time to welcome the blurred eyeliner. With the flexibility of playing with colours and intensity that this smudged look allows, it manages to complement just about every age and style and is perfect for a bridal glam look.