As the world continues to brave on its fight against the deadly coronavirus, doctors, nurses, medical staff continue to lead in the forefront. There have been numerous instances of honouring these frontline workers in different ways from around the world. Now, the famous peeing statue from Brussels, Belgium has also joined in the honour. Manneken-Pis, one of the famous landmarks which is a fountain of a little boy peeing, has been dressed in attire of a doctor to honour the medical workers in time of this pandemic. Video of the 'little boy peeing' but while wearing a doctor's coat and a facemask has been shared online. From Rio’s Christ the Redeemer Statue, Eiffel Tower to Burj Khalifa, Here's How 6 Famous Monuments Around The World Lit Up to Thank Coronavirus Helpers (Check Pics and Videos).

While the work on a vaccine still continues in speed, medical workers are working round the clock to take care of patients everywhere. And to say thanks to these health workers, the peeing statue of Belgium got dressed in a white coat and wearing a face mask. The makeover was recently unveiled and people gathered around to take pictures of the same. The statue is called Manneken-Pis, which means "peeing little man," or "peeing boy." There are different stories to the origin of this statue, but it is one of the most famous spots in here. One says it is homage to the tanner boys who were not allowed to urinate. Another states that a boy saved Brussels by peeing on gunpowder and dousing a burning fuse. The peeing boy is now dressed to honour the health workers. Icelandair Flight Honours Medical Workers by Drawing a Big Heart Over The Capital's Sky While Bringing in Supplies From China (View Pic).

Watch The Video Here:

Looks amusing right? But this is not the first time the Manneken Pis has been dressed. He is dressed up in colourful outfits during festive occasions like Christmas or dons a football kit to mark the start of the World Cup. He has been dressed up as Mickey Mouse too. In fact, he has a wardrobe collection of himself. The statue is so famous that it is even available as souvenirs in different shops around.


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