Bhayandar Old Bridge Collapse News is Fake, Video Going Viral is From Bihar
Tweet making false claim about Bhayandar bridge collapse (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Mumbai, July 11: A video is going viral on social media showing a bridge collapse incident. The viral video claims the old bridge shown is of Mumbai which connects Bhayandar and Naigaon. This is not true. The incident shown in the video is one year old and didn't take place in Mumbai this year during heavy rains.

The video shows an old bridge collapsing due to flood-like situation following incessant rains. The fact is the viral video is from Bihar's Katihar. Last year, a bridge in Katihar had swept away due to heavy floods in the Mahananda river. The video of the incident is being shared on social media claiming it happened in Mumbai's Bhayandar.

Below is one the fake tweets that is doing round on social media:

Heavy rains caused flood-like situation in Virar, Vasai and Palghar while disrupting rail and road traffic in several parts of Mumbai. Incessant rain left streets waterlogged leading to massive traffic jams in these areas.

Meanwhile, suburban train services resumed today on all lines running between Churchgate - Bhayandar and Virar- Dahanu Road. Trains are being run on restricted speed between Vasai Road and Virar route. All four lines have opened between Vasai Road and Virar.