BJP IT Cell Incharge Amit Malviya Feels Bollywood Actors Chanting ‘Jai Hind’ on Social Media is The Impact Of Narendra Modi, Gets Slammed by Trolls
Amit Malviya tried to boast BJP’s achievement with Bollywood actors’ patriotism, but gets trolled by netizens. | Image Courtesy: Twitter

New Delhi, January 11: Bharatiya Janata Party’s national in-charge of information and technology cell, Amit Malviya, on Thursday shared a video of Bollywood actors chanting ‘Jai Hind’ on a flight with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and boasted the works of BJP government in last four-and-half-years. But he forgot that his usage of words could be taken in a negative aspect and would be trolled.

Malviya, while sharing the video in his tweet, stated that Bollywood actors for the ‘first’ time chanted ‘Jai Hind’ together and there he committed the mistake. With his tweet, he not only irked the trolls, but even the people who believe development did not take place in the last four years. Did Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan Mingle With Each Other During Bollywood-Modi Meet?

Slamming Malviya for politicising ‘nationalism’ with BJP’s tenure in the central government, trolls were of the opinion that even before Modi government, people were patriots and it would be a too stupid reason to boast the works of BJP-rule. Some even suggested BJP’s IT cell in-charge to stop credits for everything and get rid of ‘pseudo-patriotism’.

Accusing the BJP of engaging in ‘show-off’ and less bothered about the welfare of the countrymen, trolls stated these actors were nationalists even before Modi government, and BJP should stop trying to take credit for making these actors say ‘patriots’.

Let’s look at the Tweet by Amit Malviya and post-reactions:

There were some, who gave the tweet a communal angle.

Some trolls started debating on ‘nationalism’.

It can be said that the video was written with a context to popularise the movie ‘Uri’ – based on ‘Surgical Strike’ – releasing on January 11. With this movie and the post, the BJP’s IT cell in-charge tried to set their ‘nationalism’ agenda, but it became a failure due to the usage of words.