‘Can’t Hook My Bra, Can’t Wink!’ Twitterati Confess About Simple Things They Struggle With in ‘Life Skill Blind Spots’ Thread
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Twitter and its unique thread appearing online sometimes crack you up. Your day would not have been half this entertaining, if it was not the viral moments appearing on the social media platform. In the recent bizarre but very possible claims have captivated the netizens. All thanks to “Life Skill Blind Spots” Twitter thread that people are now revealing everyday very basic skill they still struggle to master. From Twitterati revealing, to “can’t hook my bra,” to people who “can’t wink,” the disclosures are too real to ignore. Man Pays £20 for a Boiled Egg, Tea & Toast, but It’s Totally Worth It! Viral Thread Explains Why. 

It all started by a New York-based journalist, Jenée Desmond Harris, who was shocked to realise that her landlord still does not know how to open a combination lock. Her house owner even admitted that he cannot blow up a balloon. Knowing such lack of expert in these very basic abilities, Jenée thought it would be fun to know other’s life skill blind spots too. Twitterati Share Their ‘Dumbest Ideas’ to Make the World Better but They Might Have a Point. 

Here's the Thread:

In no time, her twitter thread went viral and people online began to share the bizarre but real-life struggle they go through every day. And the reactions are so relatable!

Check out the Reactions:

Totally Baffled!

How Do You Hook Your Bra?

Can You?

Shoelace Tying Struggle

From blowing up balloons to even tie the shoelace, such is a real-life struggle for many. So, what’s your life skill blind spots? Don’t worry, netizens are here to join you.