If you are a cat owner, you may have a bunch of experience of your kitty destroying or making its home in the Christmas tree during every holiday season. It is very natural that you think about various ways to protect your Xmas tree decorations from cats who share a love-hate relationship with it. But if seen from a feline's point of view, a giant object with dazzling stars, bells, lights and baubles appears as an irresistible sight! For them, it is the best Christmas gift ever. The internet is overloaded with various funny cats and Christmas trees viral videos, which show how these furry creatures enjoy the year-end festival by jumping, climbing, scratching and pawing at ornaments. Scroll down to relate! Christmas 2022 Gift Ideas: From Wireless Chargers to Self-Cleaning Water Bottles, Get Options for Presents With Total Utility for All Your Loved Ones.

It is ubiquitous for playful canines to take a crash-through approach on the Christmas tree, but unlike dogs, cats are climbers and have curious heads, which can lead them to launch themselves into branches of the trees. This may result in the risk of an unstable Xmas tree coming down on top of them. That is why, as cute, adorable and mischievous as it may sound, the Christmas trees can get your kitty in trouble. Trees or natural pine are recommended, which are not toxic for your four-legged friend. They brush past it. As we celebrate Christmas 2022 on Sunday, December 25, here's a compilation of Cats and Christmas Trees viral videos that are too interesting to miss! Christmas 2022 Carols: All-Time Favourite Christmas Songs and Melodies You Can Add to Your Playlist This Holiday Season.

Christmas Trees Are Cat Playgrounds! 

Clearly, Felines Are Obsessed With Xmas Trees! 

Every Year Christmas Scenes, Isn't It?

It is officially proven that these fur balls require extra supervision during the Christmas holidays. You can not interfere in their love affair as these super-keen animals will somehow change the appearance of your fully decked-out Christmas tree. If you are planning to buy a cat-proof Christmas tree or make one, then please watch out for the clips to know why it is important to do so!

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