Dog Pooping Outside a House Said to be a Case of Racial Hate Crime in UK, Check Other Registered List of Petty Hate Crimes

It is obviously irritating to see a dog has pooped and soiled the entrance of a house or the sidewalk. Abroad especially there are strict rules about cleaning up after one's pet poops in a public space. So a poop left uncovered or uncleaned sure draws eyes and hate from the people around. But one dog in the UK has been accused of a hate crime! It is being said that the victim on whose doorstep the dog pooped was a racially motivated attack. Man Unleashes His German Shepherd to Take Revenge From Neighbours Who Objected to His Pet Dog Pooping.

The bizarre revelation was one among the several cases of hate crime that were uncovered. The critics say that such cases are a waste of time and efforts of the police. There were a total of 2,507 cases that were revealed. The particular dog poop incident read, "An unknown dog has fouled outside of victim address and victim perceived this to be a racial incident." These are actually 'non-crimes' that are reported to the police. Cat Poop Can Help You Make a Better Entrepreneur and Decision Maker. 

Talking about it MP David Davies said, "This is part of the reason that police struggle to investigate serious offences such as home burglaries. People need to start thinking more carefully before they call the police." There were more insignificant crimes in the list of hate incidents included, an envelope being opened and resealed, a dead rat that was found in the garden, someone parking outside the victim's house only because he was black.

The list goes on for 2500 more incidents. One more dog-related case read that a dog barked at the victim was also a racial hate crime. Dogs or rather all animals in general look beyond the ideas of colour, caste or creed. For them the only difference is we are humans and they are animals. To pin down racial hate crime on these creatures is a bit too far!