Durex Takes the Viral FaceApp Challenge Showing How Condoms Would Look in 2069 and the Result Is Hilarious! (View Pic)
Durex takes the faceapp challenge (Photo Credits: Twitter)

FaceApp Challenge has taken over the world and people are going gag over it. The trick involves using an app aka FaceApp to retrieve pictures of the older version of you. The Russian face-ageing app uses artificial intelligence that works to create a picture of what you might look like in a few decades on both your iPhone or Android phones and if you want to download FaceApp online, click here. Durex, the famous condom company has jumped into the bandwagon as well. They took the FaceApp challenge in the quirkiest way possible with a hilarious twist. Durex took to Twitter to share a picture of what Durex condoms would look in the year 2069(ahem, ahem) and the other side of the picture shows the pack of Durex condom look a little different, having the same essence though. FaceApp Challenge Memes Have Taken Over Social Media and TBH We Aren’t Complaining!

The left-hand side of the picture shows a pack of Durex condom- how it looks right now in a dark blue pack whereas the right-hand side has the condom pack in white with a tint of pink. On the picture we can see, "Pleasure has no age" written below the condom pack, and we all know what it means, right! They captioned the picture with "There's something about growing old together. #FaceApp #FaceAppChallenge"

Take a look at Durex India's FaceApp challenge tweet:

Isn't it hilarious? On another note, did you know this ageing app isn't new and, in fact, had gone viral in 2017? Most people don't know that FaceApp had received over 80 million active users back then itself and now it's going viral once again.