Coronavirus pandemic has ensured that people wash their hands often or always carry hand sanitizers with them. And as the summer heat is also scorching day by day, there are reports about hand sanitizers exploding or causing a fire in cars. In fact, a warning from a fire department in Wisconsin about use of hand sanitizers sparked confusion among the netizens, as they used a picture of a car explosion. There were several reports about hand sanitizers sparking a fire. Ever since the warning, people are searching "Is it safe to leave hand sanitizer in your car?", "Hand sanitizer in car heat" is also a common query as people in several regions are also facing heatwave conditions. Let us tell you the answers to these all.

Recently, a video was also shared on Facebook showing a car explosion with hand sanitizer as a cause of the explosion. But, there is nothing to worry as these claims are fake. Hand sanitizers do not explode in cars if they are in the hot summer unless the temperatures are too extreme. Hand Sanitizers Highly Inflammable, Don't Use Near Fire, Advises Doctor as Man Admitted With Burn Injuries After Using Alcohol-Based Liquid Near Cooking Gas.

Most sanitisers are alcohol-based and thus inflammable in nature. They can cause a fire if they are kept near an ignition source like a lighter or matchbox. Seeing all these confusions, the National Fire Protection Association posted a video clarifying the doubts on whether hand sanitizers can cause car fires. They mention that for a hand sanitizer to combust spontaneously in heat, it has to be exposed to extreme heat. Coronavirus Can be Cured by Inhaling Hot Water Steam? PIB Fact Check Debunks Fake News.

Check Wisconsin Fire Department's Warning:

Fire dept warning (Photo Credits: Facebook)

After the response on this post, they took it down and posted an apology for using a misrepresented picture.

Here's The Clarification Video by National Fire Protection:

Now, another video of a fire accident of a car has been posted online with a caption that suggests the cause of the fire was hand sanitizers.

Check The Video Here:

This can cause panic among people but the above accident is not due to hand sanitizers. But, we would still to bring to your notice to be careful about the use of alcohol-based sanitizers. The bottles have it written on them that they should be stored in cool and dry places. But leaving it in a hot car will not cause an explosion. It is safer to not leave it in direct sunlight as exposure to sun could reduce the effect of the disinfecting properties. So the next time you head out in your car, know that the dashboard may not be the wisest place to keep the bottle.

Fact check

Fact Check: Can Hand Sanitizers Cause Fire or Explode in Car Heat? Know Truth About the Viral Claims and If It Is OK to Leave Hand Sanitizer in the Car?
Claim :

Hand sanitizers can cause explosion and fire in cars.

Conclusion :

No. These are fake claims although one should be careful about using hand sanitizers near flammable objects.

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