New Delhi, May 10: A viral post is doing rounds on social media platforms claiming that using face masks for a long time leads to the intoxication of  Carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen deficiency, also known as Happy Hypoxia, in the body. The fake post has triggered panic and confusion among the masses. The fake news comes at a time when the country is already battling the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of us feel uncomfortable wearing a face mask as it sits tightly across our faces. Most people also have discomfort in breathing. However, it must be noted that using face masks, for a longer period of time, does not lead to excess carbon dioxide and deficiency of oxygen in the body. Prolonged use of tight-fitting face masks and PPE kits, however, can cause headaches and face pain among healthcare workers as they use it for long hours while treating COVID-19 patients. But, using face masks has never caused lack of oxygen in the body. COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Can Be Done on VaccinRegis App? PIB Fact Check Debunks Fake News, Reveals Truth Behind Viral Message.

Here's the tweet:

Debunking the false information, a fact check undertaken by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) has found out that the claim being made in the viral message is fake. "This claim is Fake! Stop the spread of Coronavirus by wearing mask properly, maintaining social distance, and washing hands regularly", the PIB fact check stated. 

Fact check

Using Face Masks for Long Time Causes Oxygen Deficiency and Intoxication of CO2 in the Body? Know Truth Behind the Fake Message
Claim :

It is being claimed in a message that prolonged usage of masks leads to intoxication of CO2 & oxygen deficiency in the body.

Conclusion :

A fact check by PIB states that this claim is fake. To stop the spread of COVID-19, people should wear face masks properly, maintain social distance and wash hands regularly.

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