Often pictures and videos of snakes found in holes inside homes go viral on social media platforms. It is essential to get the right help instead of trying to get rid of the reptile by yourself. However, people often take to social media platforms asking how to hold to snake properly. A recent video of a police officer getting hold of a snake in the right way had gone viral. It shows her using a rode with a curve to hold the middle portion of the snake while holding the tail by her hand. She takes it to cloth in the shape of a pipe and puts the reptile inside it. The officer can be then seen tightening the grip and holding it in her hand. 16-Foot Burmese Python Snake Rescued in Assam’s Nagaon District, Know Interesting Facts About One of the Largest Species of Snakes.

The officer was doing it as a part of Kerala Forest department training its personnel on scientific snake rescue. The training was attended by a total of 318 personnel, including 23 women, received certificates in ‘snake-handling.’

Wash your hands before handling a snake. It is advisable to wear gloves and maintain a good distance before touching the reptile. Ensure that you are wearing gloves and your protective gear while handling a snake. Two-Headed Snake 'Double Trouble' Found Inside North Carolina Woman's House, Pics and Videos of Slithering Creature Might Freak Faint-Hearted People Out!

How to Hold a Snake and Handle it Carefully?

Ensure you wash your hands with soap after handling the snake. While this is how you handle a snake, it is important to bring in experts for professional care. You can get snake tongs and sticks also for extra care. If the reptile is aggressive or agitated do not pick it up.

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