A 16-foot Burmese python was rescued from the Borghat Chapanala area in Nagaon district of Assam on Saturday. It was later released in the Swang Reserve Forest. A video of the huge snake shared by ANI, has gone viral on social media platforms. The snake was spotted while trying to devour a pet goat in the villager. The animal rescuer was thereafter summoned who captured the snake and put it in a sack. The snake catcher said the reptile weighed 38 kgs. World Snake Day 2020: From Serpent Crawling on ATM Machine to King Cobra Drinking Water From Bottle, Watch Viral Videos of Snakes That Ssscared The Netizens.

The video shows a group of locals watch the rescue operation as some of the records it on their phones. The snake was then taken away under the supervision of the Forest Department and was released in the nearby Swang Reserve Forest. Meanwhile, we bring to some facts about the Burmese python, the species that is native to a large area of Southeast Asia but is found as an invasive species elsewhere. World Snake Day 2020 Date, History and Significance: Know About the Day That Spreads Awareness About Different Snake Species Around the World.

  • The Burmese python is one of the five largest snake species in the world. Until 2009, Burmese python was considered to be a subspecies of the Indian python, but is now recognised a separate species of snake.
  • A large number of Burmese pythons can also be found in the Florida everglades. The spottings have begun after the hurricane Andrew in 1992.
  • They are non-venomous and usual lifespan is around 20 years, although the oldest living python died when it was 28 years old.
  • They eat many kinds of birds and mammals and can tackle anything from rats to alligators.
  • It is native to a large area of Southeast Asia but is found as an invasive species elsewhere.
  • It can grow up to 25 feet and weigh as much as about 137 kilograms. It kills its prey by constriction.
  • The females keep their incubating eggs warm by contracting or twitching their muscles really quickly.
  • According to the Animal Diversity Organisation, the Burmese python is typically thought to range from Myanmar eastward across southern Asia through China and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, last week, a 15-feet-long King Cobra was rescued by forest officials from a village near Tamil Nadu's Coimbatore. Video of the rescue showed a man using metal hooks to capture the venomous serpent; it was later taken to Survani forest and released in the wild.

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