Hyderabad Airport's Rat-infested Kitchen Canteen Video Goes Viral, Authorities Take Action
Hyderabad Airport (Photo Credits: @amjedmbt)

Hyderabad, April 24: There have been numerous incidents of people falling sick due to consumption of unhygienic foods served at restaurants. A video that has surfaced online shows a rat loitering in the kitchen of Hyderabad airport canteen. The incident came to light after a Twitter user Amjed Ullah Khan tweeted a video showing the rat-infested kitchen.

In the clip, the rat can be seen scurrying around vessels and also nibbling at some food items. The video was quick to go viral on social media with Twitterati forwarding it to the responsible authorities. Cyberabad Police after being tagged in the video took note of it and brought it to the notice of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) Police Station, who sprung into action.

Here is the video of rat-infested Hyderabad canteen's kitchen:

RGIA Hyderabad on Twitter informed that they instructed the canteen owner to keep it clean.

The Police force also replied to the Twitter user who posted the video on the micro-blogging site with the update.

RGIA Hyderabad also replied stating that pest control has been initiated at the canteen along with other infrastructural changes.

Twitterati slammed the responsible authorities for lack of interest in things which affect the common man. However, the Hyderabad Police has promised clean canteen premises and necessitating required measurements. Consumption of this food can result in food poisoning resulting in nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, dehydration and other issues.