An Indiana man has been arrested for allegedly sending a video of himself strangling a cat to his fiancée's ex. In a clear incident of animal cruelty, 29-year-old Zackary Nichols strangled a cat in fury. He did the act as he suspected that his fiancée and the man were still romantically involved. According to The Evansville Courier Press, in the video that Zackary sent to his fiancée's ex, he is seen with his hand wrapped around the feline's neck strangling it. Reportedly, in the video, he then slams the cat onto a couch in anger. Horrific Animal Abuse! Cat's Leg Amputated After Firecrackers Tied to Paws Burst Causing Severe Injuries (See Pictures)

According to the reports, in the video recording, he is heard saying, "You really think I am f***ing around. I’ll f***ing murder this godamn cat. F**k you, you little b**ch." Nichols was angered over suspicion that his fiancée was still seeing her former boyfriend. He was so furious that he created a video in which he abused a cat to threaten the man. During interrogation, the man who received the video confessed to cops that he has children with Nichols' fiancée, but was not together anymore.  Chinese Woman Gets Plastic Surgery Done on ‘Ugly’ Pet Cat, Spends £1,100 to Get to ‘Correct’ the Feline’s Eyes, Slammed for Animal Abuse.

After the man received the video, he informed the cops who turned up at Nichols' door. He left the police check his phone and read through his text conversation with the man. In one of the chats, he had written that he killed the cats because his fiancée cheated on him with him. Following the incident, cops took over the cat. Animal Control is currently taking care of the cat, however, the condition of the cat is not known. Six other cats in the house were handed over to Nichols's fiancée. Nichols has been charged with animal cruelty and released on $100 bond.

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