Jhansi Policewoman Works While Her Baby Sleeps on The Desk is a Reminder of Harsh Reality of Police Department, View Viral Pic
Mother policewoman in Jhansi on duty with child (Photo credits: Twitter/upcoprahul)

We have read countless times the difficulties that come on a job of the police. Dealing with the day to day stress along with taking care of the family is not an easy feat especially in a field as stressful. Reinstating the state a picture of a female cop has gone viral on social media, which shows a female cop on duty, while her baby sleeps on the desk in front of her. A senior police official Rahul Srivastav from Uttar Pradesh shared the heart-warming picture, which shows the stark reality of the job of a policewoman. The picture has gone viral with people suggesting about creche facilities for the police department. As Mother Writes Exam, Telangana Cop Consoles Crying Baby Outside Centre. 

In the picture is Archana Jayant who works as a police constable in Jhansi. She has a six-month-old girl who she brings to work and takes care of her and does her work side by side. The little girl is named Anika and she is seen sleeping in a tiny cubicle, while the mother is carrying on with her regular duty. Argentinian Police Officer on Duty Breastfeeds Abandoned Baby, Gets Promoted. 

View Picture of Cop from Jhansi Working While Her Baby Sleeps in a Cubicle

The picture is rightly being shared and liked by many users, some others suggesting facilities to provide to police officers. Check how some of the users reacted to the picture.

Room for the babies 

To these suggestions, Mr Srivastav replied they are working on developing the facility soon. It is indeed the need of the hour for the cops to be rest assured that their kids are being looked after as they perform their daily jobs with much precision and deal with the stress of the job on a regular basis. The picture also serves as a pride and inspiration to many.