LGBT Activist Keshav Suri, Co-Owner of Lalit Hotels Dresses in Drag and Dances With His Mother (Watch Video)
Keshav Suri (Photo Credits: Twitter, Keshav Suri)

Keshav Suri, the co-owner of Lalit Hotels and LGBT activist, has shared a video on Twitter where he dances with his mother Jyotsna Suri while dressed in drag. Keshav, who is openly gay and outspoken about queer issues, is seen dressed in typical drag fashion, in full makeup, wig and woman’s dress. The video shot at The Lalit Golf and Spa resort Goa has since gone viral. He recently got married to his long-time partner Cyril Feuillebois in Paris. Drawing from personal experience, Keshav has always supported the decriminalisation of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which was against same-sex relationships.

Here are the Tweets:

According to the tweet, the mother-son duo have performed together as a twosome for the first time. Keshav can be seen dressed in a shimmery, metallic dress, matching steps with his mom as they sway to “Kaisi Paheli Hain Yeh” from the 2005 movie Parineeta.

Jyotsna can be seen addressing the audience towards the end, explaining the meaning of the song. The lyrics of the song say kaisi zindagani. That is what it is, this Zindagi and my life is Keshav. Life is a mystery,” she says. The two are later joined on stage by his spouse Cyrill.

Previously, in an interview with Times of India, Keshav spoke about his admiration for his mother Jyotsna and her support for him. He revealed that he grew up among strong women like his mom and his sisters. “My mother is an icon at work and also at home. She never differentiated between a boy and a girl – and later, a gay son and her children. My mother has never been ashamed of who I am.”