Momo Is Dead: Japanese Creator of Creepy Sculpture Destroys It After Sickening Suicide Game Resurfaces Online
Mother Bird (Photo Credits: between.mirrors/ Twitter)

As the sinister Momo challenge resurfaced on social media, people across the world are much in stress and looking for ways to keep the younger ones safe. It has been reported that the sickening suicide game would suddenly pop out of nowhere in the middle of YouTube videos which are targeted for kids. As the online game is going crazy viral, people somehow puts the creator in fault. It was a Japanese artist named Keisuke Aiso who created the Momo sculptor. Given the massive worldwide attention, the artist reportedly destroyed it and threw it away, assuring the children that Momo is dead. Momo Challenge Is Back Online! UK School Warns of Suicidal Content in Peppa Pig, Fortnite and YouTube Kids Videos. 

Aiso created the sculptor long back which was initially shown at the 2016 Tokyo art show. He further added that the artwork name is not Momo, but is called Mother Bird. Although the reason for the sculpture’s creation was to frighten people, he never intended it to become a worldwide internet scare and causing any harm to kids. Netizens Share Positive Memes With Scary Girl Image to Reverse Negative Effect of Suicide Game. 

RIP Momo


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Mother Bird, shows a human-style head with long dark hair spread sparsely over the creature’s forehead enormous round eyes, an oversized mouth and a flattened nose. It also has the feet of a bird and not much of a torso. Aiso told The Sun, “The children can be reassured Momo is dead. She doesn't exist and the curse is gone.” When asked about his response to the serious worldwide challenge that is going viral online, Aiso said that somehow he felt responsible, but the situation is out of his hands. How Parents Can Keep Their Children Safe From Sickening Viral Challenges? 

Tips to Keep Your Child Safe. 

Over the years, there have been various internet challenges gathering enough attention, while most of them have resulted in harming individuals and sometimes even death. Momo challenge first appeared in the media outlets, last year in summer, claiming a number of young lives worldwide. The scare of the creepy-looking doll appeared online again when it reportedly prompted midway through Kids YouTube, Fortnight and Peppa Pig, raising concerns all over social media. The evil-looking sculpture is destroyed, and we sincerely hope that the sick suicide game deceases too.