Working in the police department is definitely a work of stress. So many cases to solve, clues to find and more cases coming in, it is rare to see policemen working calmly. Anyone in stress would love a good head massage, right? A video has been going viral on social media which shows monkey giving a head massage to a police inspector while he works unbothered! The incident took place in the police department of Pilbhit, a city in Uttar Pradesh. Inspector Shrikant Dwivedi continued his work, while the monkey seemed like searching for lice in his hair. The social media has definitely caught fancy of this funny sight and the video is now going viral. Monkey Attends Funeral and Consoles a Crying Woman in Karnataka (Watch Viral Video).

The video is quite funny as the inspector doesn't seem to be bothered by the monkey at all. In fact, it looks more or less like a regular routine between Mr Dwivedi and the monkey. The inspector is busy sorting some documents, counting them again and working with equal concentration. While some people are loving the harmony between the two, others are just appalled at the video. The funny video has been shared multiple times on social media sites. Monkey Shuts Tap After Drinking Water, Gives Us all an Important Lesson on Water Conservation (Watch Video).

Watch The Video of Monkey Sitting on Police Inspector's Shoulder in UP:

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An Example of Coexistence

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It is indeed amusing as other times, we read of monkeys causing a nuisance among the common public, here there is such a peaceful coexistence. In Agra, monkeys made to it the headlines for causing a menace, at once even killing an elderly woman by attacking her. This video looks like the police inspector has befriended the monkey a bit too well.

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