The United States of America celebrates National Selfie Day annually on June 21. The celebration, though has been US-centric, none of us would really mind jumping into the trend, after all the day is about selfies. Technologies have transformed our lives. We spend more time in figuring out the better angle to get that perfect selfie for an Instagram post. It is an act that has taken the world by storm. And some took it legit seriously! They are pros in taking the pictures. Again, there are selfies which instantly went viral on social media, breaking all records on the internet. Some are funny, while others are oh-so awkward! On the celebration of National Selfie Day 2020, it is only fitting that we remind you of those selfies that went viral on social media, spreading laughter across, even at the most ironic situation. Gorilla Selfie Goes Viral After Endangered Apes from Virunga National Park, Congo Pose With Anti-Poaching Rangers. 

Selfie is the act of taking a picture of yourself with a cell phone or webcam and posting it on social media. There is always a time to find the perfect angle, try out that new filter and freshen up your social media handles. It is because of the increasing popularity, that the US dedicated a day for it. National Selfie Day is being celebrated since 2014 on this date. On this occasion, let us look at the selfies that went viral on the internet. Siblings Taking a Selfie During Ice Hockey Match Between Toronto Maple Leafs & Pittsburgh Penguins Go Viral, Thanks to The Brother's Expressions. 

Remember This?

Gorilla Selfie

Divorce Selfie

Moon Selfie With Toilet Paper Rolls

Policeman's Selfie With K9 Service Dog

Policeman's Selfie With K9 Service Dog (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Even animals have become a pro at posing for selfies. In case you are still figuring out, how to get that perfect angle, do not stress up so much. Just face the camera with a smile, there you got your perfect selfie. On National Selfie Day 2020, take selfies to make yourself happy, but don’t obsess over it.

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