Navratri Garba Video or Peppy Dance Form, This Viral ‘Chinese Garba’ Has Got Us Intrigued
Chinese Garba or Peppy Dance (Photo Credits: YouTube/ Screengrab)

Navratri is almost here! People across the nation are gearing up to celebrate this festival full of colours, music and dance, popular as Garba which is marked with huge enthusiasm. The nine-day festival which begins from October 10, this year will be full of rituals, Dandiya and Garba dance nights. Individuals wearing their best colourful traditional attire; ghagra choli fully engrossed in Navratri 2018 dancing the night away, is a treat to visitors. Although we are a few days away, the Garba fever is already on. During this festive time, a video (now viral) is appearing on social media where a group of Chinese people are seen dancing on the tunes of Garba. But it has got us intrigued if it is actually a garba or some other peppy dance form! Navratri 2018: Watch Videos of Different Types of Garba, Dandiya & Step by Step Dance Tutorials. 

The video went so viral that it even caught the attention of industrialist Anand Mahindra. He shared in his tweet, “the music may have been grafted on to some random Chinese dance but with Navratri around the corner, it’s nice to imagine hordes of Chinese tourists dancing along with us..” The Mahindra chairman pointed that the video does not seem authentic as it could be different music putting on top of the original track. Navratri Colours 2018 for Nine Days: List of 9 Colours for Each Date to Wear During Sharad Navaratri Festival. 

Watch Video of Viral Chinese Garba! 

As it went viral, at least three versions of the video are surfacing online now, each with a different soundtrack. Many even pointed out that the dandiya sticks, for instance, are also missing.

Chinese Garba Version 2

Chinese Garba Version 3

There is almost no background noise in the video. If it was recorded on the spot, the song would change, instead, it can be seen that the dancers are doing a series of steps which the music is carefully put to match. These instances hint that the original soundtrack was brushed up and different people added their choice of music. Notwithstanding, the authenticity of the video, it still goes viral and people are seen re-posting it as ‘Chinese Garba,’ multiple times.