It is common for an expectant mother to document her pregnancy with a maternity photoshoot. We have seen so many photos over the years, with soon-to-be moms going extra miles to ensure the moment is wonderfully captured. Something similar has been a rising trend among dogs too! Hoomans are arranging for maternity photoshoot for the pregnant dogs too, and they are paw-dorable! A Twitter user shared photos of an expectant canine mom, posing so accurately with her pregnant belly. The moment is joyous and mesmerising. The adorable pictures soon went viral, and the Twitter thread now documents more amazing journeys of expectant canine moms and also their lil puppies.

We are sure that you have seen beautiful pictures of expecting mothers on your social media feed. Being pregnant is a blessing and the journey, although difficult, can be captured in photos so that we could cherish forever. But when it comes to your pets, not every time it may strike to capture their journey too! Some hoomans did their best and inspired many dog lovers around the world. Pet Dog Hilariously Photobombs Couple's Engagement Photoshoot.

A Twitter user shared a picture of an expectant canine mom, donning beautiful pink and white flowers on her collar, and nailing the photoshoot. The entire setting is in pink and white, as the dog comfortably lies and poses for her hooman to capture the beautiful moment. The photoshoot will surely melt your heart. Christmas-Themed Photoshoot of Pet Dogs Goes Viral For Their Distinct Expressions! 


Maternity Photoshoot Done Right!

There is more! As the photoshoot went viral, social media users were in awe of the pictures, and they flood the Twitter thread with more pictures. The photos capture pregnant doggos and before and after images of the canine moms and their tiny little pups. The thread is too delightful to miss!


Oh My Dogness!

My Heart!

Holding the Baby!

Happy Canine Mommy!


Baby Shower!

So gorgeous! The Twitter thread is filled with adorable moments; no dog lovers would want to miss ever! If you are a pet parent too, or a dog lover, don’t forget to capture the incredible journey, before and after pics of the canines and their pups, once born! Photoshoot like the above, make our day!

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