People Are Sharing Adorable Pictures of Their Kittens Glowing Into Cats & It’s an Awesome Start to Caturday
Cat Glow Up (Photo Credits: @BrosephLiebrman/ Twitter)

It is netizens or all of us favourite time of the week. When you say Saturday, feline lovers call it Caturday and it is surely one of the best things that the internet has given us. Every Saturday, social media platforms are filled with adorable cat photos. But today’s start was a bit different and deeply emotional for the cat parents. With a hashtag, #CatGlowUp, Twitterati are sharing beautiful pictures of their pets from the first time they brought them home till today, the amazing way they have grown or rather “glown” up. And it is an awesome start to Caturday! Dogs or Cats? Know Who is Smarter and Why According to Scientific Backing!

Caturday is a huge deal on Twitter and it is just when people share endearing photos of their Cats every Saturday, without fail. There could be a major natural disaster somewhere but this corner of the internet will remain adorable. However, this Saturday was little extra-special for Cats as the pet parents are posting then and now pictures. #CatGlowUp speaks many things altogether. Glow up is when someone changes for the better. Plus, the images are attached to the precious journey cat parents are blessed with as the furballs glow up. Cats Bouncing on Trampolines Will Give You the Purrrfect #FridayFeelings (Watch Cute Videos). 

Still, So Adorable!


Oh Dear Furball...

Hello Smartie!

Heart Melting Cuteness

Sibling Love

Glowing up!


Cats can be moody characters, but they pose extremely well. And these photographs are proof. These furtive furballs love to go about their weekend routine with #Caturday. Did you share your beloved feline’s journey as they glow up to be even cuter and smarter?