People Are Solving Puzzles to Beat Home Quarantine Blues and COVID-19 Anxiety! Check Tweets
Puzzles (Photo Credits: @tylrmlls/ @MelissaLindley2/ Twitter)

With the combination of home quarantine and coronavirus anxiety taking a toll on almost everyone, the hunt for new ways to pass the time is on. After all, how long can a person binge on Netflix! You also cannot scroll your social media for too long as Instagram comes up with, “You’re All Caught Up,” in the feed. Remaining inside is a good way to protect yourself and others from the COVID-19, it could also lead to a lesser evil—boredom and stirring craziness. With the viral challenges and many other things, social media users seem to be fascinated by the puzzles. As people spend more time indoors to curb the coronavirus outbreak, they are turning to all kinds of activities to keep busy, including solving puzzles. Netizens Make Funny WFH Memes on How People of Different Professions Would be Working From Home During Coronavirus Lockdown. 

Instagram feeds, and Twitter timelines are dotted with people showing off their hard work. Because it isn’t easy! Puzzles have always been a thing, but it seemed to have gained much popularity with families being on lockdown. With this improved interest, puzzles have entered the mainstream with stylish makeovers and a whole new reputation being wholesome of self-care activity. From children to grownups, everyone seems to puzzle away their strain and anxiety during the pandemic. Dalgona Coffee is Viral Trend on Social Media, Here's How to Make Whipped Brew That Has Caught Internet's Fancy. 

Solve Puzzles While Quarantining!




Yet 2 Are Missing?



So, how is your home quarantine going on? With the rising tension of the COVID-19 spread, it is natural to meddle into anxiety. The only way to keep your sanity is by keeping yourself engaged in different activities. The quality time spending and solving the puzzles, piece by piece is a fair engagement activity at the time of home quarantine.