Railways Appoint Yamraj to Pick Up and Prevent People from Crossing Train Tracks in Mumbai as Part of Awareness Campaign
Yamraj picks up people crossing railway station in Mumbai (Photo Credits: Ministry of Railways Twitter)

People crossing railway tracks is a common sight in India even though it's a punishable offence. Throwing caution to the wind, people often cross tracks even if there are over bridges or other means to reach the railway station. There have been innumerable cases of people getting run over by the train while illegally crossing the tracks. However, people still do so to save a bit of time. While government bodies have warned citizens multiple times, old habit dies hard. In the meanwhile, the Ministry Railways came up with a unique idea to discourage people from crossing tracks. Pictures and videos shared on the Ministry of Railways' Twitter handle show a man dressed as Yamraj, the Hindu God of Death stopping people and even carrying them away to prevent them from crossing the railway tracks. Railways Ministry of India Shares a Hilarious Image, Warns Passengers Not to Cross Railway Tracks; Twitter Reacts With Funny Comments.

Yamraj is seen carrying those crossing tracks on his shoulder as part of the awareness campaign. Tweeting a video of the awareness campaign, "This Yamraj ji saves lives. He catches people who are endangering their lives by trespassing the railway tracks, but to save them. This Yamraj picks people to release them safely. Please do NOT cross tracks, it's dangerous."

Yamraj Taking Away People Crossing Railway Tracks:

Watch the Video Below:

Awareness Campaign Against Trespassing:

The clip shows a man walking on the tracks going on his knees on seeing the Yamraj. As he joins his hands, Yamraj picks him up and drops him to safety. In another tweet, the railways said, "He catches people who are endangering their lives by trespassing the railway tracks, but to save them." As the pictures and videos went viral, people took to the internet praising the effort of the railways in creating awareness in such a creative way.