#RIPSujith And #SorrySujith Messages Flood Twitter as Netizens Mourn Death of 2-Year-Old Sujith Wilson Who Was Trapped in Borewell in Tamil Nadu
Sorry Sujith messages on Twitter (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Chennai, October 29: The entire nation is mourning the death of Sujith Wilson, the 2-year-old infant who was found dead after being stuck inside a borewell for the last three days in Tamil Nadu's Tiruchirappalli area. Condolence messages have been pouring in from all the corners of the country when they heard about the demise of Wilson on Tuesday morning. Hashtags like #SorrySujith, #RIPSujith and #SujithWilson are seen trending on Twitter. Sujith Wilson, 2-Year-Old Infant Trapped in Tamil Nadu's Tiruchirappalli Borewell For 3 Days, Found Dead in a Decomposed State.

After a continuous struggle to rescue the child and prayers hoping to see him come out alive, the news of a foul smell coming from the borewell broke hearts and expectations. On the wee hours of Tuesday, Wilson's decomposed body was brought out from the borewell and he was rushed to the Government hospital for an autopsy. Post which, his body was brought to the residence for the cremation ceremony.

Following are a few condolence messages mourning the death of Wilson:

Check Rahul Gandhi's tweet:

Want a standard operating procedure for a rescue operation, says Twitter user: 

A country which boasts of being Digital India, doesn't have the technology to save a life stuck in a borewell? Questions Twitterati

An urge to close all abandoned borewell and potholes immediately:

In the wee hours of Sunday, the rescue workers attempted to bring out the infant using the suction method -- which is used in bringing a newborn baby out of the womb. The borewell in which the child was stuck had only a four-inch diameter, which severely hindered the rescue operations.

Sujith Wilson was playing near the abandoned borewell on Friday evening when he fell inside. The rescue operation was slow because of rocky terrain and complex procedures, including drilling a parallel tunnel to reach the boy and allowing for the passage of oxygen to enable him to breathe in the claustrophobic environment.