South African Couple Got Engaged at KFC! Twitterati Unites to Find Them and Pay for Their Wedding (Watch Viral Video)
South African Couple Got Engaged at KFC (Photo Credits: KFC/ Twitter)

Marriage proposals are unique and heart-melting to not only the couple but everyone else who are fortunate to witness the bliss. And thanks to social media, we have been blessed as videos about such unique proposals often go viral, with netizens cheering for lovebirds in happy tears. In one such event, a South African couple was recently captured at an outlet of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), agreeing to marry each other. The video posted on Twitter by the fast-food giant, the man is seen on bends down on one knee asking for his lover’s hand in marriage. The crowd present there, can be seen cheering for the newly-engaged couple. As the video went viral, South Africans united to find them and pay for their wedding. World's Most Unique Wedding Proposal? Japanese Man Travels 6 Months to Spell 'Marry Me' on Google Earth, Watch Viral Video. 

KFC publicly thanked Kateka Malobola for his impromptu recording of the beautiful moment and share it to the world. The clip has been viewed over 2 million times, and the number is only increasing. Along with the video, the fast-food giant appealed for help in finding the couple. It did not take much time for the plea to get heard as Twitter users got united to look for the pair and even decided to provide finances for their wedding.

Watch the Viral Video:

With thousands of retweets about the happy occasion, South Africans came together and with all their efforts to give the pair the best wedding ever. While some offered to help them create the wedding invites, others are planning to make traditional outfits for the couple.

Twitterati Unites:

How Cute!

Pampering for the Couple Before the Wedding:

Of course, with all the above genuine efforts, the couple were quickly identified as Bhut’ Hector and Nonlanha. Businesses came forward as well to sponsor the couple’s wedding, honeymoon and gifts. As it garnered massive attention, KFC reported that it would be meeting the couple and vowed to keep Twitterati posted on any developments.