Stephen Fry Shares 'Adarsh Balak' Poster From His Doctor's Room and Indian Twitterati is Pleasantly Surprised! Check Funny Tweets
Stephen Fry finds Adarsh Balak poster at his doctor's room (Photo Credits: Twitter)

One of the things that evoke your school days nostalgia are the charts of fruits, vegetables, good habits, bad habits, etc. We used to have homework of sticking them in our notebooks and reading them out. But that was that. Who would have thought, the poster of Adarsh Balak aka the Ideal boy would show up in a doctor's clinic somewhere far away? Comedian Stephen Fry shared a picture of the Adarsh Balak poster he spotted in his doctor's surgery room.  While it amused the comedian-actor, the Indian Twitterati was equally surprised. Natural Coconut Shell Cups Selling on Amazon India for Rs 3000! Check Funny Tweets.

Stephen Fry when he shared the poster was calculating his points on qualifying as Adarsh Balak. He mentioned how he has tried to live it up to those points. For Indian Twitter users, it was much more than just a school activity. Some of them wanted to know who was this doctor, while others were just blissfully surprised at Stephen's discovery. Oral Sex Hidden Images in Coca-Cola Poster! Reports Claim 'Feel the Curves' Controversial Ads Were Taken Down in Australia During 80s.

Check Stephen Fry's Tweet About Adarsh Balak Poster in His Doctor's Room

Twitterati was indeed thrilled to see this picture coming on their Twitter timelines. Check how some of the users reacted.

Moral Science Lessons Back in Time

Memories Pouring In

And so were the Memes of Adarsh Balak

The Female Version of Not So Adarsh Balika

Considered a part of Indian stationery, these charts do bring back several memories. What's even funnier that these days, the characters have been made into memes. But who would have ever imagined the Indian Adarsh Balak would hang on it a doctor's surgery room.