Strippers to Storm Area 51? Nevada’s Adult Entertainment Company Plans to Bring Dancers to Look for Aliens
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Flickr)

Storm Area 51 event is not new to anybody now, as millions of Alien lovers plan to raid the top-secret US military base in the Nevada desert. The craze has increased so much that the United States Air Force has to intervene warning against the idea. While we are still unsure, if any such event is going to occur, a popular Nevada-based adult entertainment company is now planning to get strippers to invade Area 51. If reports are to be believed, then you are sure to witness erotic dancers gracing the area, whether or not you witness any celestial life. The news has certainly increased the excitement, among those who were interested in the Facebook event. Storm Area 51 Viral Meme Facebook Page Creator Admits It Was a Joke, He Is Now Scared That FBI Might Show Up at His Door. 

Déjà Vu Services, the US state’s largest entertainment operator, will reportedly get dozens of strippers on September 20’s event. “Come September 20, we’ll be there,” director, Ryan Carlson said to KSNV. He further added, “We know that most Americans know: that strippers make any event better, and this one will be no exception.” Déjà Vu does not know if there are aliens at all, but they believe to entertain everyone present in the event, encouraging the raid to happen. “We don’t know if there’s aliens at Area 51, but if there are, they’ll be entertained upon their rescue, along with any party-goers that attend,” Carlson was quoted in the report. Storm Area 51 Event Training Video Goes Viral, Funny Clip Shows People Practicing How to Rescue Aliens. 

We are unsure if the event is going to happen at all. As per the recent reports, Facebook has taken down the page on August 3, 2019. The event creator, Roberts confirmed the information as it went against, Facebook’s “Community Standards.” Considering the action taken by the social media site, the authenticity of Déjà Vu's idea is questioned.