Texas Girl Put Her Pet Dog Into Dryer and Turned it On For Fun! Video Goes Viral
Girl puts dog in dryer (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Texas Police are investigating a case wherein a girl put her dog in the clothes dryer and then turned the machine on. She live-streamed the whole episode on social media angering internet users. The video of the incident which has gone viral on social media, she is seen grabbing her pet dog and putting it in the dryer. The little animal can be heard crying as she takes it near the dryer. She proceeds to open the door of the dryer and put if inside and shut it. She laughs and claps her hand as the poor animal goes round inside the machine. 'Great Dog Mom' Brooke Houts Accused of Animal Abuse, YouTuber's Apology Doesn't Impress PETA Who Want Her Channel Shut Down.

She then finally opens the door and the dog jumps off it frantically. The girl then approaches the dog which appears to hide under a table. She laughs and says sorry to the dog. The whole incident led to social media outrage with comments slamming her insensitive act flooding the comments section. The video has been viewed more than five million times. Mumbai’s Stray Dog Lucky Who Was Mercilessly Beaten for Taking Shelter During Rains in Society Passes Away.

Here is the Video: (Graphic Content Ahead, Viewer Discretion Advised)

As the incident garnered public outrage, The Dallas Police Department investigate the incident and confirmed that it happened in  Lewisville Police Department (LPD), Texas. They put up a Facebook post saying that they will not publicly name the accused as she is a minor. However, the case is being investigated and more details will be soon released.

Here is the Facebook Post:

One of the comments on the video reads, "Someone please call the police on this girl, Some people don’t deserve dogs or pets at all. It's complete abuse how they treat them." Meanwhile, many reported the video to PETA and urged the dog to be taken away from the woman. Another comment reads, "Please someone does something about this. I'm sick to my stomach after watching that. That person should be arrested for animal abuse. Please find out who she is."