'The Nun' Video Ad Pulled Down by YouTube Because It Was Too Scary; Watch the Jump Scare Clip
'The Nun' Video Ad Pulled Down by YouTube (Photo Credits: screengrab/ YouTube)

A scary controversial advertisement can do wonders for any company’s campaign. If they are able to time it right, the advert can turn into a viral hit. But sometimes, ads are beyond disturbing. There have been times when marketing types decided to mess with the users and scare them for life. You are waiting to watch any regular video on YouTube before an ad appears. A few seconds of silence and a terrifying face out of nowhere on the screen making a loud noise can get your kicks with a jump in scare! Much like that happened when Warner Bros, used this classic tactic for a YouTube ad promoting the upcoming Conjuring spin-off The NunThe Nun Teaser Trailer Video: Valak From 'The Conjuring' Is Here to Give You Deadly Nightmares. 

It was hell scary! So much, that Google owned-YouTube had to pull it down. This is how it starts. The short ad opens with a black screen and a fake indicator of the volume that is turned down. Then there is a loud bang, the demon nun from the movie appears on the screen. And there is an ear-splitting scream! YouTube users hate it for obvious reason. The trailer can no longer be viewed, but few users have taken screenshots and even saved the short clip.

Watch the short video of The Nun ad.

Warning the YouTubers about the horrific add, a user wrote on Twitter which draws massive attention including YouTube. The tweet has amassed over 130,000 retweets (and still counting) with thousands of people replying with their own concerns after seeing the ad.

Tweet cautioning users about The Nun ad.

YouTube immediately responded to the tweet appreciating for bringing it to their concerns. They have advertising policies in place addressing shocking content. It states that “promotions containing violent language, gruesome or disgusting imagery, or graphic images or accounts of physical trauma,” and “promotions that are likely to shock or scare,” are prohibited.

YouTube removed the ad late night on Monday. Here is the tweet of the company citing policy violations.

The Nun is the fifth instalment in the Conjuring series which opens on September 7, 2018. The plot centres on an inexplicable suicide of a nun in 1950s Romania. It is designed to creep, people, our, and like any other horror movies, the marketing team wanted to come out with the top-notch idea. And the ad has done its job! It is essential for you to note that there are some steps as a user you can follow to ensure that you don’t see jump scare ads. You can go through ad settings available on the YouTube and enable or disable advertising categories you wish or do not wish to see. Horror is one such choice!