The Weather Channel Uses Augmented Reality to Prepare Viewers from Storm Surge and Wildfires, Watch Video
The Weather Channels Augmented Reality Videos Are Thoroughly Entertaining and Informative | (Photo Credits: File Image)

Gone are the days when weather news segment was treated as a mere appendix and was considered dry and boring. The Weather Channel had aired a sensational yet astonishing animation and used augmented reality to show what Hurricane Florence would lead to in terms of flooding. The computer graphics used anchor Erika Navarro and what a 6-foot-high to 9-foot-high surge in the water levels could do to a person. Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall in North Carolina, US: Here Are 8 Pictures That Show Effect of The Natural Calamity.

Now, the latest graphics used on the channel is straight out of a Hollywood fantasy movie and can in fact even put the best animation movies to shame. Hurricane Storm Florence in US East Coast: Death Toll Rises to 13.

But first, watch the Hurricane Florence storm surge video by the weather channel in the video below:

Now, time for the flames to spark. "The Santa Ana winds are fueling fire weather watches this weekend in California...our @StephanieAbrams shows you just how fast the flames can spark," said the video description. Catch the video below:

The death toll from tropical storm Florence that made landfall in the US east coast in September a fortnight ago, reached 13, with continued rains and flooding. In September, the Atlantic Ocean is the hottest it gets all year — when it’s most conducive to hurricane formation.There are two more storms churning – Hurricane Isaac and Helene, said experts.