A video of a baby elephant playing with a zebra was shared online and it is too cute to be missed.Watch the video here:

A video of a leopard strolling amidst humans, crossing the road without causing any damage to anyone has been shared online. It gives important message about respecting their territory.Watch the video here:

A very scary looking makeup video has been shared on Twitter. The girl in the video looks like her head is separated from her neck, but worry not, its all a very nicely done illusion make up.Watch the video here:

A Twitter thread has compared the comical expressions of Tamil actor Vadivelu with Baby Yoda. The funny comparison is now going viral.Check the Viral Twitter Thread here:

A TikTok video of a pet dog enjoying a game of Tennis on TV has been shared online. The video is edited in a way to look like the dog really wants the tennis ball.Watch the video here:


BTS fans cannot keep calm after the BTS is set to perform the song Dimple at the GDAs. #Dimple trends on Twitter.Check Tweet:

The bushfires in Australia are raging and the situation is too difficult to be controlled. Now the smokes from these fires have reached New Zealand and residents panicked when the skies turned orange all of a sudden. Read the entire story here. View Pic:

Twitter is flooded with wishes for the beautiful Deepika Padukone as she turns 33 today.Check Tweet:

Extensive damage done after one of New South Wales’ worst ever days of bushfires has shaken Twitter. Netizens extend prayers.Check Tweet:

It is a bright Sunday morning and netizens are sharing "Sunday Thoughts" and "Sunday Motivation" posts on Twitter.Check Tweet: 


It is finally Sunday, the most awaited day of the week. It is the first weekend of the new year and many of you may have plans to take rest and enjoy if you have partied enough on the New Year's Eve. But if you are looking for some serious motivation to get through the day then social media users are posting inspirational quotes and motivational thoughts on social media platforms with the hashtags #SundayThoughts and #SundayMorning. Throughout the day, we will keep you updated about everything that is hot and happening on the internet. We will give you funny memes, viral videos and trending tweets of the day.

January 5 marks a few celebrations and events around the world. It happens to be National Keto Day, a day that speaks about the lifestyle, educate and bring awareness to the ketogenic diet. It is also National Bird Day, which is observed in different countries on different dates. So pictures of different and beautiful birds may be shared online to spread awareness about some of the species. If anything trends related to these days then we will share them in this section.

The day has begun with Sunday Thoughts and Motivation, let us see what all interesting things happen all over. Social media trends are an easier way to keep a tab on what is happening where. The stories go beyond boundaries and are shared with a lot of people on just few clicks. Be it social media challenges, viral memes and videos. Stay tuned with us to know all about today's trending topics, funny memes and viral videos of the day.