London's Natural History Museum reported to name a tiny species of beetle after climate activist Greta Thunberg. The insect is named as "Nelloptodes gretae" in honor of the 16-year-old Swede. A scientific associate at the museum, Michael Darby found the insect in its collection of million of animal specimens and chose the name to acknowledge her outstanding contribution to raise awareness on environmental issues.Here's Nelloptodes Gretae:

Train journeys are not easy and the food served during the time is often a dissapointment. A horrifying picture of outside packed food has surfaced on Twitter raising concern on hygiene. The image shows some packed food and some plastic spoons placed on a dirty tray. It appears that the food was from stores situated within the railway stations at various places. Netizens ask the Indian Railways to be more careful as they are not checked by the authorities and served to the passengers.Here Are the Pics:


When nature plays cmouflage on us, it is considered as one of the biggest tricks. There is a picture going viral that has a snake camouflaged in it. The photo shared on Facebook appears to be an ordinary picture of two kids walking among the wilderness. The picture was clicked from behind the kids showing them walking hand in hand down a path. There slithers a snake! Can you spot it?Here's the Pic:

A fun challenge seems to be emerging on social media called the Switch On Challenge. Few videos from this challenge are shared on Twitter and they are pretty amazing.Check Out The Switch On Challenge:

A funny video of a little dog beating its tail on a fridge, making a musical beat has been shared online. The video is too cute and the background music also perfectly fits.Watch the video here:

Housefull 4 is out and Twitter has announced the results. The film is getting brutally thrashed online and people are asking for their money back! Here are some of the funniest tweets.Housefull 4 Verdict

Kanye West pulled a Rihanna when he promised a new song to his fans but didn't release it. Fans were waiting for his new single "Jesus is King" but were disappointed when they didn't get it. Here are some reactions and funny memes on that!Twitter Reacts to Jesus is King

Alpacas are a bundle of fun and love. A video going viral of an alpaca's reaction to a person touching its nose is making people giggle! Boopable snoot indeed!Watch Video
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A video has emerged online showing a Russian Circus trainer being mauled by a bear in Olonets, near St Petersburg. It was being ordered to push a wheelbarrow across the ring while walking upright. Thankfully, the handler, the bear nor anyone in the audience were seriously hurt.Watch Viral Video:

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Finally, Friday is here and social media users look a little relieved. People have taken to social media platforms with thoughts on finally reaching the last working day of the week. Twitterati is sharing inspirational thoughts and motivational quotes with the hashtags #FridayFeeling and #FridayThoughts. Good morning wishes and greeting are also being shared widely on social media platforms. As the day progresses we promise to bring you trending stories from around the world. Stay tuned to this live blog for funny GIFs, latest tweets, viral videos and anything that is making news on social media.

Dhanteras also known as Dhanatrayodashi, the day that marks the first day of Diwali is celebrated today. On this day, people buy gold as it is considered auspicious. Friday will witness last-minute Diwali preparations everywhere in India. The next four to five days will be celebrated with huge pomp and fervour. October 2019 marks 25 years of Pulse Polio Programme in India. Marking the occasion, celebrations will be held on October 31.

Meanwhile, we ensure to keep you updated about everything happening on social media around the world. From the latest funny TikTok videos to a trendy Instagram post, this live blog will keep you up on the social media game. And if you come across anything interesting, do let us know in the comment section below. We wish you a Happy Friday and hope your weekend arrives at the earliest. We also wish everyone celebrating Happy Dhanteras and hope you have a great Diwali!