Trevor Noah, Host of 'The Daily Show', Slammed on Twitter For Saying 'India-Pakistan War Will be Most Entertaining'
Trevor Noah (Site: Screengrab/YouTube)

After the Pulwama terrorist attack and the recent pre-emptive air strikes, the tensions between India and Pakistan escalated to such an extent that we were praying the two nations would not go to war. While, the people were concern about the issue, South African comedian and host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah came under fire for his latest remark. In a clip which is going viral on social media, Noah can be seen saying that while he hopes "India and Pakistan do not go to war", it would be the "most entertaining" war if they did. Bikaner Man Tattoos Names of 71 Martyred Soldiers Including Pulwama Terror Attack Jawans and Indian Flag as a Tribute, Watch Video.

In the video which is widely shared on the internet, Noah said, "Hope Indian and Pakistan don't go to war. But if they did go to war, it would probably be the most entertaining war of all time, yeah. Because the Indian Soldiers would run out on the battlefield and that'd be like (Indian Accent) Time for you to die... (sings in Hindi) auro ki life difficult kar tu... It will also be the longest war of all time. Another Dance Number!" Delhi Auto Driver, Angry Over Pulwama Attack, Offers Free Rides to Celebrate IAF Air Strike on JeM Terror Camps Across LoC in Balakot.

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After the video surfaced on the internet, Trevor Noah received lots of criticism from netizens. One of the Twitter users wrote, "I don't f***ing understand how ANYONE can find this funny,, he said it would be "entertaining"??? war is not funny? the entire world has to mourn for the loss of American life but it's funny when it's for brown people?? what the fuck."

Another user wrote, "I love your show, you’ve got a huge following in India, and being from a marginalised community, you should understand the dangers of stereotyping. Please, #DoBetter.. we’re all here praying for our soldiers, desperately hoping we don’t go to war. Recognise that please."

This is not the first time the comedian has faced backlash for his comments. Whether it was his take on 'Black Panther' at the Oscars or on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, Noah's bad sense of humour has offended people in the past.