Are there any set of adjectives that we haven't yet used to describe how bad and disappointing of the year 2020 has been? From devastating Australian bushfires in January to more than half of the world being affected by a pandemic, 2020 has brought many crises month after month. The year has become a favourite target for making memes and jokes on the internet. Now a Twitter user's take on the months of the year will really leave you laughing and crying at the same time. A twitter user has compared the months of 2020 with Rajpal Yadav's scenes from his movies and the result is hilarious.

A few days ago, we saw a user comparing emojis to cute dog faces and it was super adorable. Now a user named Bunny (@Bunny_I_) has made a series of tweets on Months of 2020 as Rajpal Yadav. With each month corresponding to a scene of the comic actor from movies like Chup Chupke, Dhol, Hera Pheri it is hilariously accurate and you'll totally relate to it. From an enthusiastic start of January, to pandemic hitting in March and now tired of the lockdown from last two-months, each of the clips shows how we feel about each month of this year. 'My Plans vs 2020' Funny Memes Take Over Twitter, Netizens Joke About How Disappointing This Year Is Shaping Up to Be!

Check Out The Funny Twitter Thread Here:

A Great Start

Preparing in February

The Pandemic Grips in March

Doing Household Work in April

Hahaha! How Many of You Are Going Through This?

Crying in Corner

Just Get This Over With Please!

And with that, we are in the month of August. As much as we want this year to get over, can you also believe that seven months have already gone by? Now let us hope the next few months bring in some good news, like a definite vaccine for this pandemic. Till then, can you think of more Rajpal Yadav scenes for this month? Too soon to say! But we hope the above thread has made you smile even a bit.

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