Viral Videos of 2018: From Kiki Challenge to Priya Varrier's Wink, Top 9 Videos That Grabbed Eyeballs This Year
Viral Videos (Photo Credits: YouTube)

If Dhinchak Pooja topped the viral charts in 2017, it was the Chai Peelo aunty Somvati Mahawar who grabbed headlines this year. 2018 saw the rise of many viral personalities and internet challenges too. Kiki challenge swept across the social media like anMalayalam movie actor Priya P Varrier was among the firsts to go massively viral earlier this year.  Her eyebrows antiques went so viral that movie was redirected to give her more screen appearance.

Kiki challenge was something that made almost everyone dance to Drake's song. And in India, cops had a really tough time dealing with random people jumping out of their moving cars to dance on the streets. While most of the videos were joyful and funny, others were shocking or followed by consequences. Jimmy Kimmel Declares Best Viral Clips of 2018: Kiki Challenge Gone Wrong Comes First; Watch the 5 Top Funny Videos.

As the year comes to end, we have compiled a list of 9 videos that went viral on social media:

1. 'Hello friends, chai pi lo'

Somvati Mahawar went massively viral for her seemingly harmless videos which the internet found funny. One of the videos in which she says 'Hello friends, chai pi lo' went viral and even garnered international attention. Soon netizens dug out more videos of Somvati where she says the same.

2. Baby-father's 'Girl like you'

This video has been dubbed as the most adorable video of 2018! This video of a father and his baby daughter lip-synching to Adam Levine's 'Girls Like You' went viral in no time and made people go awww.

3. Chinese girl speaking in Tamil

This Chinese woman's Tamil-speaking skill had left the internet quite impressed. Several videos of the women went viral of which this one was shared on Twitter by Mahindra Chairman Anand Mahindra. People had praised how she had perfected the accent to perfection.

4. Dancing uncle

Sanjeev Srivastava, a college professor from Bhopal had gone viral for his dancing skills. The internet dubbed him as the 'Dancing Uncle' and his popularity grew in no time. Infact, Madhya Pradesh lauded his dance moves which are inspired by Bollywood actor Govinda. The 46-year-old was also appointed as the brand ambassador of Vidisha Municipal CorporationViral 'Dancing Uncle' Sanjeev Srivastava Says He is a Big Fan of Govinda and Dancing Since 1982! Watch His Videos.

5. Kiki Challenge


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World famous pop singer Drake his new No. 1 double album, Scorpion in June from which the song In My Feelings went viral. A die-hard fan, Shiggy danced on the video and shared it on his Instagram page with the hashtag #DoTheShiggy encouraging social media users to dance. The craze went viral on social media with people dancing on it jumping out of their moving cars on roads. As the video spread like wildfire, cops had to release warning asking people to refrain from it.

6. Bear cub struggling to climb a snow mountain

This video of a mommy bear climbing up a snowy mountain with her baby struggling to keep up had gone viral last month. The clip had garnered much appreciation for the little animal which simply did not let go off and kept on with its attempt.

7. Priya Prakash Varrier's wink

Dubbed as Wink queen, Priya Varrier won the hearts of many with her wink. Soon after the teaser of her debut movie Oru Adaar Love went viral, it went viral like nothing before. The trailer of the movie also received equal attention however, the movie did not register at the Box Office. She also received her first award as the 'Most Viral Personality of the Year'.

8. Pakistani reporter falling off a donkey while reporting

A video of Pakistani reporter Hafeez, who works with Pakistan's Geo News, falling off a donkey had gone viral recently. Hafeez was reporting on the donkey business in Lahore when he decided to be a bit adventurous. However, the thrill didn't last long as the donkey threw him to the ground.

9. Zomato delivery guy eating from an undelivered pack

Video of a Zomato delivery man eating from an undelivered pack had gone viral this month. The video initiated conversation on Zomato's food safety policy and on low income and standard of living of delivery boys which forced the man to eat from it.

The Internet can make and break careers and social media plays a major role in it. While at times something silly catches on the medium, during others we simply stand at awe wondering the power of social media. 2018 saw the rise of many social media personalities and at the same time decline of some. Videos play a big hand in the times of internet with content solely being the King.