Cute Little Bear Cub Struggling to Climb a Snow Mountain With Watchful Mother on Top is Going Viral, Watch Motivating Video
Baby bear struggles to climb in snow (Photo credits: Video grab)

Living in the snowy mountainscapes is no easy feat, more challenging for the animals. A video of a baby bear struggling to catch up with his mother is going viral on the internet, for its sheer perseverance to make it. The snowy landscapes can get really treacherous and although the bears are conditioned for the weather, it is really a struggle to cross the snow. The video shows the cub losing its footing while the mother watches her baby carefully. The video is also a lesson of parenting among the bears as the mother is trying to teach her baby to climb the snow. Although the baby struggles, the video does make you skip a heartbeat. You are left rooting for it to reach the top.

The video was first shared by Scottish TV presenter Storm Huntley on Twitter and no sooner, it had drawn over millions of views. People were shocked to see the cub struggling so hard and several of them expressed they felt a bit breathless just thinking what could have happened otherwise. People are also expressing how the mother should have helped her baby climb rather than just watching over. But the mother was teaching her cub how to climb in the thick snow and pushes him back when he has almost reached the top. The baby bear slips not once or twice but gets back up even more energetically. It shows how difficult it was for the cub to maintain his footing on the thick snow and people cannot get over appreciating his determination.

Watch Viral Video of Baby Bear Struggling to Climb Snowy Mountain

Isn't it amazing to see how the cub is unwavering on the slippery snow and gets to the top. It is shocking when the cub slips so low just when he has reached the top. But the video is sure inspiring and resonates with the popular phrase, 'Try Try Till You Succeed.' Netizens were surely impressed and took it as the best example of motivation. Check how some of the users reacted.

Pun game begins

The heart in mouth situation

Cheering for the little one

The small bear sure gives a big dose of motivation. The video has also received some flak from users who commented on drone photography being used in the area could have scared the bears. Nonetheless, the video is sure inspirational for a lot of us.