Video of Zomato Delivery Boy Eating Food From Delivery Boxes Goes Viral, Check What Zomato Replied
Zomato delivery boy eating food from packages (Photo credits: Video grab)

Food delivery service Zomato is a convenient way of ordering food online. But how reliable is the food that is delivered to you at your doorstep? Zomato has come under fire once again after a video went viral on social media which shows a delivery boy eating food on the way and then repacking it. The video is quite shocking and is going viral on all platforms. One really starts to wonder if ordering food online is safe anymore. Zomato has responded to the video and said they will ensure such things aren't repeated and will take care about food safety and tampering. They have also taken off the guy from their delivery fleet. Zomato Gold Policy Changed, Disappointed Users Says They Have Been 'Cheated'. 

The video was shared on Twitter and will irk every single person who sees it. The Zomato delivery guy is seen on a scooter, opening the food box, eating the contents, repacking it and that's not all. He does it with another box as well! The video is taken from Madurai. It is definitely disgusting and will cause anyone to think again before ordering food from any food delivery services. Zomato has given a detailed statement about the issue on their blog. Man Finds Dead Cockroach in Zomato Meal, Customer Care Executive Tries to Crack Joke, Makes Things Worse.

Watch Video of Zomato Food Delivery Guy Eating Food Before the Delivery Packages

People on social media were definitely not pleased. Zomato on their blog on food safety and tampering have mentioned that they will use tamper-proof tapes, so it is not possible to open the boxes easily. They added they would educate their fleet about such incidents and urged users to bring up such issues to them. They wrote, "Zomato maintains a zero tolerance policy for tampering of food. This particular incident, while unfortunate, only makes our commitment to fleet training, scheduling and process even stronger. We stand behind our extensive fleet who do the right thing across many hours of the day." The video is quite shocking and although Zomato has taken responsibility and promised to take action, it highlights a bigger issue with the food delivery services in general.