Viral Videos of the Week: From Richard Browning Entering Guinness World Record to Vietnamese Kids Playing With Dead Snake, Watch 7 Clips That Kept the Internet Engaged!
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

We are here again bracing the work week and finally stepping in the weekend. Can these days be a little longer? While most of you have happily woken up to the Saturday morning, with no work and rest and fun hype, you also cannot deny that this won’t stay any longer. As unfortunate as that is, we all need to make sure that we make the best of these less-stressful hours. Besides, the videos that took social media by storm this week shall also be credited. Many moments had gone viral, keeping the internet engaged when the rest of the regular tensions prevailed. This week, real-life Iron Man, Richard Browning entered Guinness World Record for achieving the fastest speed in the body-controlled jet engine-powered suit. Again, some fearless kids were spotted playing with a dead snake as a skipping rope. Kids, we tell you! So without any further delay, let us check the top seven viral videos of the week.

1. Meet Real-Life Iron Man, Richard Browning

Tony Stark would have been so proud if he was a real person. But we know that the netizens are in love with Richard Browning and his expertise. The founder of Gravity Industries, Richard has achieved the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine powered suit (wind-guided) at 85.06 mph. With the latest feat, he has entered the Guinness World Record.

2. Florida Dog Trapped in Car Drives the Vehicle in Circles

The dog named Max was trapped in his owner’s car and took the vehicle for a spin around the cul-de-sac. Port St. Lucie Police Department in Florida reported that the car was doing the circles for at least an hour till they arrived the scene. Max mistakenly hit the shifter into reverse that sends the owner’s Ford Taurus for a spin.

3. Guy Talking to a Girl in Club

This reminded the internet to the 2018 Milk Edinburg picture of a guy who was screaming something at the girl’s ear at a party. Like the previous one, this clip too inspired many memes and jokes. And the video of the pair has gone viral insanely on social media.

4. Siblings Taking Selfie During Ice Hockey Match

We don’t know how to label the moment! Cute or rude from the brother’s end, but it surely left the netizens in splits. A pair of siblings and supporters of Toronto Maple Leafs were caught taking a selfie during ice hockey tournament of the National Hockey League. The clip garnered more than 28 million views. It was the guy’s change of expressions immediate after the picture was taken that people could not stop laughing about.

5. Father Breastfeeds Baby

Father goals were taken to the next level by this dad who decided to feed his baby uniquely. Well, by putting the bottle of milk inside his t-shirt and making it seem like he was breastfeeding to the baby. The reason the father had to up his game was because the toddler’s mom was not around, and she was not willing to drink milk from the bottle. Hence, the unusual trick!

6. Woman Tries to Steal Eight Pair of Jeans

This woman was trying to steal jeans from the shop, which is believed to be in Venezuela. In the video, the woman can be seen wearing eight pairs of jeans she took from the shop. However, she was stopped when someone noticed the weirdly thick layer of her clothing.

7. Vietnamese Kids Play With Long Dead Snake

The video shows three girls using a long-dead snake to play jump rope. Besides, a woman witnessing what could only be described as not usual, was heard encouraging the girls to play. The thought of using a dead snake to play is itself shocking.

These are the seven videos that topped this week’s chart of going viral on social media. We are looking forward to what the upcoming week has to offer us. Meanwhile, let us continue enjoying the weekend.