Elon Musk's fairly laconic tweet yesterday was loaded with intrigue that read "Canada, USA, Mexico." What followed was a barrage of speculations and theories that spread like wildfire across the world. The tweet was later decoded by (self-described) crypto analyst Mr Whale with over 220,000 followers on Twitter. Whale suspected that billionaire might be talking about the new cryptocurrency in the market named CumRocket. This worked out pretty well for that particular cryptocurrency whose market value rocketed by more than 85 per. cent.

Musk was quite amused by Whale's attempt at elucidation. He replied to Whales tweet saying "Great Thread" followed by a laughing emoji

Nevertheless, the Price of the cryptocurrency surged by about 350% and the folks at CumRocket  couldn't be more pleased

So What Is CumRocket?

Launched in April 2021, Cumrocket is a cryptocurrency that provides a marketplace for adult content or as it is widely known as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content.  It is an NFT (non-fungible tokens) marketplace where creators of the content are paid in crypto and tipped using special tokens called Cummies.

 What are  "non-fungible tokens," you may ask? Well, these tokens (Stored on the blockchain)  are reserved for a certain type of digital content that is quite unique and not interchangeable.

 To surmise, the point of CumRocket is that you can buy or sell adult content anonymously using cryptocurrency without ever having to download it on your computer.

"This is different from other marketplaces because people will be able to post full pornographic videos and buy them, send them, sell them, collect them," the CumRocket white paper said according to Newsweek "They can do this without ever having the file stored on their computer, meaning they can keep their porn private. Paying for adult content in crypto provides both buyers and creators with anonymity, something that other popular platforms fail to provide."

 The adult content will include 30-minute pornographic clips replete with video, sound, GIF's, pictures - the works. This content will be accessible to the user on their digital wallet, and on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network, Newsweek reported

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