What is the End Slice of the Bread Called? Actor Stephen Mangan Sparks a Debate on Twitter
What is the end slice of bread called. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

When it comes to food, some people are overly sensitive – from preparation style to even what certain food items are called. And most often these strong opinions can stir quite a debate with leaving some people offended. Are French fries and potato chips same or are makkhan and butter one of the same things? Well, these are just few examples that will leave you bewildered. In the latest, Twitter is currently split with what is the ‘end slice’ of the bread called? English actor Stephen Mangan stirred an outrage on Twitter after he claimed that the end of the loaf is called the ‘heel’. Are Butter and Makkhan The Same? Know The Meaning & Differences Between the Two Commonly-Used Milk Products

Bread is one of the most loved food items across the world and there are hundreds of varieties prepared everywhere. And certainly, bread lovers joined the Twitter conversation with their own versions of what they call the end slice of a bread loaf. A Twitter user asked Stephen Mangan what does he call the end of the loaf and Stephen’s immediate response was ‘The heel’. And there began the divisive opinions of Twitterati. Fries vs Chips Has Divided The Internet, Look What is The Difference Between These Potato Snacks.

Replying to Stephen’s tweet, one user wrote: “Shocked that anyone calls it anything other than the crust. Bunch of weirdos.” And Stephen unapologetically said that he would ‘fight with anyone who says any different.

While another user said it is called the ‘Nub’

Stephen Mangon called out to everyone who thought it was called anything else but the ‘heel’:

The Butt?

The 'Pillow' in Arabic

Although it is called an ‘Elbow’ if it is a baguette, says Nigella Lawson:

Seeing most responses, Twitterati was mostly split between it being called the ‘heel’ or ‘crust’. According to a survey conducted on Reddit, people have different nicknames for the end piece of bread around the world. Popular terms included end piece, heel, butt and crust. But when it comes to consuming the ‘end slice’, while some absolutely love it, while others hate it – there is no in between. Let us know in comments, what do you call the ‘end slice of a bread loaf’?