From Mo Salah to Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo, When Footballers Met Their Kiddie Fans and Made Our Hearts Cry!
When kids meeting their favourite footballers left us in tears (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Football is one of the most popular sports on the face of the earth, and the people who play this game are no less than demigods for their fans. Children, in particular, look up to these athletes growing up as they are a source of inspiration. Every great footballer will agree to the fact that they looked up to someone when growing up. So, any chance young fans get to meet their idol creates an atmosphere of raw emotions. We have had several instances in the past of kids meeting their footballing superstars that have left us in a sea of tears. Let us look back at some of these beautiful moments. Mohamed Salah Comforts an 11-Year-Old Kid After He Gets Injured While Chasing the Liverpool Star for an Autograph (See Pic).

Mo Salah Comforts His Young Injured Fan

When eleven-year-old Louis Fowler saw Liverpool striker Mo Salah emerge from the Reds' training ground in Melwood, he ran without a care in the world to get a glimpse of his favourite footballer. As he ran straight into a streetlamp, the youngster burst open his nose and bled profusely. When Egyptian striker Salah came to know about this episode, he drove back to check on the kid. Louis Fowler's pain was wiped off instantly after getting a chance to pose with Salah, and the entire story was tweeted by child's father.

Lionel Messi Comes to the Rescue of a Young Fan Turned Away by Security

When Lionel Messi landed with his Argentina team in Montevideo ahead of a World Cup qualifier game against Uruguay, a young fan of his couldn't contain his excitement and tried to sneak in beyond the security cordon. The officials quickly apprehended the child and tried to drag him away, but thankfully for the youngster, Messi saw the entire proceedings. He called the boy who was in tears and hugged him before a series of photographs that surely made his day.

Cristiano Ronaldo Comes Out of Team Bus to Embrace Crying Fan

Just like the Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo saw a youngster getting stopped by the police as he was departing with the Portugal team on a team bus. The Juventus forward quickly got down and hugged the child as his mother clicked their pictures.

Little Fan Makes Falcao Cry

Colombian skipper Radamel Falcao was battling a serious knee injury in 2014, and a meet with a fan left the star in tears. Falcao who was initially composed and trying to comfort the crying fan was left drenched in emotions when the child pointed to his knees and asked God to get him fit at the earliest. Truly a heart-warming episode which tells us about the deep connect between fans and the footballers.

Kids Meet Their Football Heroes and Idols - Beautiful Moments

These were some of the episodes that tell us how football is not just a sport but a good mix of emotions. Youngsters in particular with their innocence often make us realise how incredibly lucky being a football star is.