Lionel Messi vs Ronaldo Debate Continues as AB de Villiers Picks his Favourite
Lionel Messi vs Cristian Ronaldo war gets heated up! (Photo Credits: Facebook pages)

The world has been debating about Messi and Ronaldo for donkey’s years now. However, neither the fans nor the football pundits have come to the conclusion. The fans of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have put up figures and stats to prove who is the best but again the debate has continued and none of them has come to a concrete conclusion. Now, South Africa’s AB de Villiers was asked to pick one of his favourites and the surely the question stumped the batsman. Pele makes his pick between Ronaldo and Messi. 

However, this time it was not a regular pick that was asked to him. He was asked, “Who is Messi and Ronaldo between him and his Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate.” So the South African picked Barcelona star, Lionel Messi. However, AB isn’t the only one who picked Messi over Ronaldo. Earlier even Brazilian legend Pele picked the Barcelona star.

“Difficult to compare Messi and Ronaldo. Messi has a completely different style than Ronaldo. A lot of people compared me with George Best but we had a different style of play. Ronaldo is more of a centre-forward while Messi is more organised. If I have to decide for my team I will choose Messi over Ronaldo,” he had said in New Delhi earlier this month.

Talking about Messi, the football star has fractured his right arm and expected to stay away from the games for about three weeks. A statement from Barcelona read, “Tests carried out on Leo Messi have confirmed that he has a fracture of the radial bone in his right arm. He will be out for approximately three weeks."