Swiping right is no longer just for finding a date: Dishision, a new app developed by Aman Patel, uses the same swiping technique as dating app Tinder to help users locate restaurants close them. The app is simple to use: as users open it, they will be greeted with a restaurant close to their current venue. They will tap the restaurant to see more pictures and scroll down to see information and ratings, and then swipe left to deny or right to accept it. It's then added to a favourites list. Restaurants that have been turned down won't be gone forever; they'll reappear.

Users may also apply filters to their searches, such as showing only restaurants that serve a particular cuisine or restaurants that are suitable for specific dates (and even break-ups). The app makes picking or seeking restaurants easier — rather than requiring a hungry would-be diner to deliberately check out alternatives, the app introduces them to consumers and they simply have to say yes or no. With Dishision finding restaurants has become not only easy but also fun and convenient and not as time consuming as before. Aman Patel has designed this unique concept basing it on the idea of Tinder. One might say that

One might think that Dishision is another step towards the Instagram-ification of restaurants because it is based on how its users respond to food or restaurant images. But this isn't the case because Dishision doesn't place a premium on a restaurant's appearance. Because these are Yelp pictures, they aren't necessarily the finest. Restaurants sometimes post photographs, and individuals occasionally post photos, and the app has no control about which ones appear. So you never know if you're going to get a beautiful shot of a burger or a half-eaten burger. Some of the pictures aren't even of food; they're of the restaurant itself. You could have a photo of a random person there on their birthday, pointing to a slice of cheesecake with a candle in it. As a result, it can be quite amusing at times.

Anyone wanting to spend money on a restaurant would most likely look at the specifics before making a decision. And once you've been drawn in by the picture, you'll read the reviews anyway. Both these things are taken care of by the all new Dishision app.

How much do you and your partner disagree over who gets to choose where to eat? Is it still the case that the co-workers can't tell whether to have lunch? Unfortunately, we're all too acquainted with these claims. Users may use Dishision to quickly locate a meal or restaurant. It compiles a list of local restaurants and gives it to anyone who has been invited to the event you've organised. It's similar to Tinder, but instead of strangers, you're clicking yes or no on restaurants individually. Our algorithms compile the outcomes of everyone's decisions into a single, tidy list, making this difficult decision obsolete. The ‘Top Dish’ of any restaurant is also chosen for you, so you can avoid the debate and get back to dinner.

Dishision makes use of Yelp's website to give you all the details you need. Yelp is noted for its up to date restaurant details and a wide group of reviewers. This helps us to easily provide a large amount of detail to you as you work your way down the list. One of the most useful features Yelp offers to Dishision is the opportunity to look at a restaurant's service offerings, such as delivery, takeout, and dine-in. In today's dining culture, this is a must have. You'll be able to open these applications inside Dishision with the restaurant address already set as the target, which will save you time.

Dishision not only works on making the restaurant quest easier, but it has also added rideshare applications like Uber and Lift to help you get there.

You can choose your preferred kind of cuisine. Thai, Sushi, Vegetarian, Noodles, Breakfast, and Fast Food are only a few of the cuisines you can choose from. Can't make up your mind? You also have the option to choose both of them.

You can also find a restaurant based on where you want to have your food. Whether you need to find out what you're going to eat for dinner in your town or a corporate dinner 300 miles away- the app has a place for you. You can also change the position of your dinner by editing it before starting to look for a place. The app provides you with reviews to help you take a well informed decision. You can expect a nice time because we only use top-rated restaurants in the event area.

When it comes to choosing where to eat, the app wants to make it as simple as short as possible for our users. This app is for someone who is tired of holding conversations about where to eat. Now is the time to get the app!